Loop of life

Loops of life

Life begins and ends in a puzzle. While some call it the ‘circle of life’, most see it as a linear journey, from beginning to end.

Just as every human being is unique they face every life experience they encounter through their lens or perspective. Some may break the cycle of life and some may not. In this chaotic world, one needs to take a step back and be aware of their thoughts, emotions, and energies and observe them closely to break free from the illusion of suffering. When an individual observers their thought he/she is no longer the program hence we come to the realization of our thought patterns which lead to our same emotions which creates the same life experience and when that momentum gets goings one feel depressed, anxious, sad, angry, unworthy, etc and sometimes it is hard to get out of the same subconscious patterns.

Nowadays, there is more awareness on meditation and mindfulness which helps us be aware of our pattern by clearing our mind, and when we do that we refire and rewire our subconscious mind which slowly breaks the pattern. But meditation isn’t the only way. Some other ways are doing the things that feel good, which brings back us to the present moment. For example sketching, dancing, singing, going for walk, exercising, cooking, etc are the things the one likes and doing s one forget about the issue that they were facing because the connection with the greater self was established in the ‘present moment. I now often meditate every day, go for walk, and do sketching, which creates a mind and heart coherence and there is a rush of energy in the body in the present moment. Those are the precious moment that we feel the wholeness of who we truly are.

Have you ever noticed why some of the artists are so up to speed with who they truly are? Such as Micheal Jackson and many more, because for them the work they are doing is a form of mindfulness that brings them into the present moment and they realize something, some spark of inspiration about the lyrics of the song or the art piece, etc. that the time when a human mind is ultra-creative. MJ often used to wake up in the middle of the night just because he receives a small piece of lyrics while in sleep. For an artist, it is easy to encounter their patterns and get out of them but it takes a while to do so.

Now is the time to awake and be in love with life and open our hearts and mind to embrace the change and thrive in life.

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