Feelings Felt in a Space

Going back to past in our life and remembering where did we laugh the most, where did we had debating discussions, where did spent the time with closes ones, where did we cried it all and where we can find that space now?

The space does not necessarily need to be a room with a table-chair and reading a book peacefully. It could be as simple as a nook in the facade glowing with orange sun setting sunlight. Where you chatter a bit with your buddy.  Or simply some benches in the school campus where you can rest during P.T. lecture.

These spaces and the emotions recharge you to live life to the fullest. The time spent there rolls in the mind to become a memory and makes you feel mesmerized. How do we create these spaces ?  It could be done by providing a balcony, or a touch of greenery in the concrete structures where all the stress of the day has evaporated. This small nooks and corners make the space lively cause its not only about the function of the space; it’s about the emotions of the people living in it. These emotions can indirectly depend on the play of light and shadow, where it acts as clear light to read a book or cool shadow of a tree to sit in.

The texture and material they sit on and how they feel the space. How do they inhabit ? The space can be also used in an uncertain way like sitting on a staircase and having a discussion. So while designing spaces this can be kept in mind to give a better experience. The experiences can be different for everyone by their personalities, their mood at that time, their past experiences.

Here the collage below gives a set of examples of how a left handed person experiences the difficulties or practice using the object with right hand. From a simple mouse to readings in the measuring tape feels inverted. Or the simple left hand thumb rule in physics can confuse about clockwise or anticlockwise systems. Hence making every object or space user friendly in detail can also cause a hitch.

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