Expressing through Experience

A place plays a really important role in our life which teaches us certain kinds of emotions  and feelings. in which ‘memory’ plays an important role. The experience at those spaces is different every time we visit or recall the memory of it. Different places teach different kinds of experiences such as solitude, intimacy and congregation. This could be due to a specific person, element, atmosphere. The memories from past years can be blurred or cannot be described in a detailed manner. To remember those moments sketching can capture most of it.

These are the memories of childhood with my parents around our old house.

The tyre swing, the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my childhood with my father.

But still the sketch can’t give all the experience and feeling I had at that time. All these years, the world teaches so many things. The relationship of my body with respect to the world is a little bit confusing.  I have tried expressing the emotions inside me through a collage using newspaper, texts and paper. The materials represent and give different kinds of texture and visuals. For the background, I have used newspaper and different types of paper with text and tried forming it in a monochromatic way. The human figure with a tint of color represents the happiness found in small things around me. Small things of happiness can be some music, a perfect day with a cool atmosphere, a compliment, etc. This shows that happiness can be found in small small things around negative vibes.

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