Differing Perception

Sometimes a space could be so lively and reciprocative that it leaves a deep impression in your body, which can be called  memory. The experience in those spaces, no matter how spatial or transverse, tangible or intangible it is but still the mind wants to recollect it and the body wants to relive it. We also try to compare those memories with the present and prefer a space that revives those experiences.

These experiences are full of the quality or sense of solitude, intimacy and congregation where the factors of light, texture, atmosphere, association and time play an important role to build up a space. After a time I can identify these senses and factors which mould the experience of the space. This could be a possible reason that due to these elements the past was still carried in my mind and I want to live in it again. While recreating those scenes I figured out that I remember only the part and detail which add to the quality of solitude, intimacy and congregation and the rest of the scene is just blurred out. To capture those essences through the medium of a sketch I understand that the selection of view, viewer’s perspective and depth by light and shadow are some of the significant points to keep in mind.

Recollecting the memory of the courtyard of my old house which gives the sense of intimacy while retaining the shaded corner.

The relation of the body with the outside world is difficult to decipher or express on paper. Though I tried it with the medium of collage representing the relationship by the textures and illustrations of the newspaper and magazine cutouts. The canvas is divided into two parts by choices of illustrations and texture and also the colour palette adds to that idea directly. The left part of the art shows the well-organised monotonous world sustained with the regulations whereas the other part shows different emotions while working in the discipline order by themselves. This shows that my body intersects these two parts of the world and thinks from both perspectives.

The world consists different types of characteristics, emotions and understandings in which our body relates to the part which gives us space to express ourselves.

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