An Overlap of Past and Future

Tangible & intangible, physical & emotional, past & future, all come together when one is intentional, aware and present. What goes around, comes around, and with all the memories accumulated in the life that is lived, emotions that are felt and spaces that are experienced, the brain has the power to mould these memories into what the heart wants to feel again. 

I took a brief moment to remember certain moments as a physical and emotional being occupying a space and recreating them to experience their nature of solitude, intimacy and congregation. Little did I realize at the moment when the memory was being created that what I was experiencing was solitude, intimacy or congregation. It is now, after years of harboring these memories, that I realize that even as a child I still had an understanding of being able to differentiate between what feelings were felt in certain kinds of physical spaces. No formal education in architecture was needed to decipher that, but simply the act of living with being present did. But I think that is what life teaches us, to live, to be present. 

The process of sketching by memory, the spaces I inhabited in the past, and then by observation, the spaces I currently inhabit, made me more aware of how vividly our bodies react to certain volumes, textures, shadows and enclosures. This collective reaction, I believe, determines the kind of vibration the space exhibits in its nature and allows us to be present in a certain way and express ourselves candidly.

The emphasis on textures, materials, shadows, proportions and even the framing of the views to be sketched were integral to the process of understanding what makes our bodies feel more during the course of inhabiting the space. I learnt massively about how the style in which lines are drawn in a sketch depict the emotions and the story behind the essence of the space. 

The relation of my body with the world around me is complex. The collage aims at representing this dynamic relationship with the use of various materials, textures and light. The recurring pattern of reed sticks create a fence representing the guard that always stays high up yet slightly allowing to peek through what lies inside for those who are not afraid of attempting to experience beyond what is visible. The sound of nature, the sound of human beings and the sound of music, deeply influence my perception of actions and reactions, hence the recurring pattern of the sticks, which tries to depict the same with a repetition of five octaves in a musical instrument. The color depicts the warmth which is eternally essential for my body, both literally and figuratively to feel vulnerable yet safe, to feel heard and to feel like I matter. The net aims to create a layer of texture, depth and safety yet again from the outside world. But even with all this guard that at first might seem impenetrable, there is softness, waiting to help and harbor anyone. 

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