The Privilege of Experiences

Pondering the meaning and significance of solitude, intimacy and congregation in my life marked the beginning of my architectural studio. It led me to a conclusion that a space is not always memorized by the architecture but the experience one had in it. Recalling our past experiences also act as an inspiration while designing. Personality, memories, experiences are unique characteristics which influence our process of designing. we recall the experience we had and try to create the same feeling again for the user. It also creates an individuality in design.

This re-experiencing of memories enabled me to sketches three spaces each depicting solitude, intimacy and congregation. The terrace on my building during the dark with little light from neighboring buildings glittering in front of me created a vibe where I could stand for hours and think and contemplate. A sitting area by the window in my old apartment where I would sit and have a gossip session or a casual conversation with my sister was the first space that came in my mind when I thought of an intimate space. A double seating swing in the garden with trees and shrubs around where I would sit and play with my friends everyday served as a space for congregation.

Sketches recalled from memories depicting spaces for solitude, intimacy and congregation

After exploring memories and recalling them I searched for spaces around me that created an experience that evoked either three of the senses- solitude, intimacy and congregation. This made me look at spaces in a different way. I looked beyond the architecture or the design of the space to the experience it created for the users. I noticed little things like how trees or the time of the day also created an experience. It also made me realize the senses and feelings one feels in different spaces. This also helps in creating and designing functional and enriching spaces.

A perspective view, plan and section of my bedside space depicting solitude
A perspective view, plan and section of a terrace depicting intimacy
A perspective view, plan and section of a staircase depicting congregation

The relationship between my body and the world has been shown through the collage below. The girl drawn in the center looks like she is ready to take on any challenges that the world throws at her. She welcomes the hardships with open arms and is ready to overcome that. The cactus symbolize the problems, difficulties and challenges the world has for her. Even the process of making this collage filled my mind and thoughts with positive and head-on approach in life.

A collage that symbolizes the relationship between my body and the world

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