Thinking on Paper and Connecting or Correcting

Every day when you get to engage with what you love is what I believe life is. Sketching using different medium creates an unusual interest in each medium and I learned lot more new techniques. It gave me satisfaction l that I did at least something even in those days where I wasn’t really productive. Throughout the first month, I created various drafts on topics such as Self-Portrait, a portrait of a family member, & body-study.

It was easy to feel page in with the body-study, but not every time would the body balance come out clearly through sketches. Sometimes the work of muscles would bother. Although different mediums came in the process and I always felt at ease with pencil and ink. Charcoal would go too bland, whereas water-colour & brush needed a lot of stability & stillness in hand to achieve a workable stroke. With more & more practice formwork of the body (skeleton and muscles together) was more analytical.

Self-Portraits & Portraits of all family members shared character with their faces but never matched completely. I wondered why but never valued the question. It may be because I already fixed in my mind that hundred percent of proficiency cannot be achieved. After limiting my learning from such thought, I understood why resemblance increased in some sketches while a fake or animated character formed in others. It is also related to command over a medium that one has gained over practice & it was pretty evident.

Tracing fluent form of one’s face is possible only by tracing the shadow and hence sketching in the righteous amount of light is vital. Resemblance increases as the accuracy of shadow and minor details of all the scars, their shadow and other marks increases. Over practice, I did feel a slight improvement in hand-eye co-ordination. The co-ordination was nothing other than the accuracy of judgment of details, their dimensions and angles. As it was live sketching and a body can’t be completely stationary, the variation in dimensions creates dissimilarity but furnishes a unique character to sketch.

Pencil, charcoal, pen, water-colour, pastels are used. Monochromatic mediums are easier to render than colourful mediums. Blending charcoal & pastels is a difficult task to get perfect tones and shades of colour. They require great skills to achieve the correct shade.
While sketching various drafts, influence of memory is felt throughout, those memories dominate the dimensions of forms of faces. It helps in distorting and building the character of sketches. Some of these distortions helped in deriving the various kind of weird expressions.
There is a lot more to try and explore in terms of mediums & also content.

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