Capturing a Still Image of a Moving Body

I feel portraying emotions and actions is easy when shading and colors are used. these are tools of representing what we want to show the world. but doing the same with just using lines is where the real challenge lies. The body studies that we are doing in the VSR has put this very same challenge in front of us. I could see the difference in my body studies as went further, I was able to portray a certain relax nature of the activity which the person was performing or the tension in their body while they were exercising.

Still the there was a lot of scope for improvement where the proportions of the body were concerned. Drawing a human while they are performing a activity proved more difficult than I imagined it to be, maybe because they were performing the actions faster than I was drawing them. the hand would be at a certain swing and angle when I start drawing it but till the time I finish drawing it, it is at a different angle and I end up making a weirdly proportioned hand.

While this was one aspect where I tried to capture a still image of a moving body the other aspect was where a had to capture the still image of a sprinting mind. we have a time limit of 60-45 mins while making these portraits. In the realistic ones there is no need of giving it much thought as we just have to start observing and drawing but in self-portrait the origin of a particular idea and a way of abstracting that idea is necessary which leaves less time to actually execute it.

The second abstract self-portrait that I made is called “Eyes on Me”. I as a person has always been someone who likes to live in their own world and sometimes I don’t even realize if I’m in a public place and if people are looking at me or not. But if a become aware that people are watching and are being judgmental of my activities it more often then not shuts me up. I had this idea and tried to abstract it through a patch of cloth made from the eyes wrapped around my mouth, shutting me up.

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