This Studio and Understanding Myself.

Further into my journey of seeking truth and purpose, I decided my next step should be one where I can look at myself and maybe one that could shine more light or give meaning to hidden truths or yet-to-be uncovered dimensions. Or in simpler terms, what new lens did I seek.

As an individual I am interested in conversations on almost anything engaging. Food fascinates me and engaging in the process of cooking is something I enjoy, unless I am very hungry. I try to keep a balance of working the body and the mind on a daily basis as I believe it is required for their optimal functioning, and too much of something is never good. I enjoy indulging myself in things that I do and try to make the most out of it, in terms of why I am doing it in the first place and what I am aiming to get out of it. Discipline is something I seek, not something that is governed by strict rules, rather something that brings content at the end of the day. On this life long journey of understanding architecture, I am at a phase where I have developed ideas on how things work, but what makes great architecture, why and where is it required is what I still seek.

Ahmed Shabeer, 20 M, student of architecture.

The first exercise, the one who’s examples from the brief intrigued me the most (as i could not understand/decipher exactly what was trying to be said) really got me thinking about this question. My body, who am I? what am I? A whole of parts? or a part of a whole? maybe both? but definitely not neither as I knew I was something, just not sure what.

Delving deeper into what I was trying to answer, the remaining of the exercise brief made gave me parameters (in some sense) to analyze the situation. “Your body & its relationship to the world vis-à-vis the most critical dimensions, ideas, aspirations, anxieties etc. through a collage.” This immediately flashed me back to instances and memories from my past, as well as things I aspired for, or wished I aspired for. This exercise further made me take a seat back and figure out and sort what these memories or aspirations meant to me, and why did they specifically come to mind when I introspected with these parameters. Along with this I looked at the other ideas that didn’t instantly come up, and by then I had figured what I was seeking and how i was trying to segregate or sieve my mind into these different containers set by the exercise brief.

Not everything is sieve-able. The gravity of a certain instance can’t determine its importance in one’s life. At times even small instances which we take for granted are what shape us into who we are today. Small tomatoes might not be Cherry tomatoes, but they can still be damn good tomatoes. Don’t try to sieve fruits.

Collage: My body and it’s relationship with the world.

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