While the emphasis of the studio unit is on Planning & Organization, we will be unable to communicate without appropriate language and vocabulary. Visual & Spatial representation mediums of sketches, drawings, renderings and models are our primary language of communication. Verbal and textual languages are secondary. Besides a non-negotiable insistence on succinct representation of ideas, students are earnestly advised to consider each of the drawings and models as final, instead of seeking additional rendering time following an imagined finalization of design.

Students are required to dedicate four hours a week to visual and spatial representations exercises and discover the difference between the two. Geometric & organic model-making, drawing, sketching & painting in diverse media shall be explored in these sessions of representing from observation & imagination.


Reflective journaling of studio work is critical. While students are expected to record their processes in terms of ideas, inspiration, references, parameters, choices etc., they are also required to reflect upon the surprises, insights, shifts and perceived learnings in their engagements. The reflective journal will be part of the presentation and discussion during the weekly reviews and hence needs to be frequently updated. Students are encouraged to maintain a multimedia journal that reflects the multidimensionality of their creative processes as closely as possible. 20% of all assessment accounts for documentation with equal emphasis on recording & reflection.


One of the few advantages of an online studio is the preparation of presentations that preclude the author’s absence. Students need to follow prescribed formats for presentations during all reviews – including videos of stipulated lengths. 

The 17th & 18th week will then require very little time for compiling these presentations. The final fortnight of the term will instead be invested in an Illustrated Portfolio Summary. This includes a textual response to the following ten questions:

  1. How are creative processes informed by memories and emotions?
  2. What is the relationship between body, memory, emotion & space?
  3. How do we inhabit a space?
  4. How can architecture anticipate futures to transcend its function?
  5. Elaborate on the conceptual frameworks that you formulated during the course of this Studio Unit. 
  6. Elaborate on the kit of parts that you applied during the course of this Studio Unit. 
  7. Elaborate on your analyses of the diverse contexts encountered during the course of this Studio Unit. 
  8. Elaborate on the transformations in conceptual parameters encountered during the course of this Studio Unit. 
  9. Elaborate on your syntheses of inferences from diverse processes during the course of this Studio Unit. 
  10. Elaborate on the highs, lows and sides that you encountered during the course of this Studio Unit. 

The responses need to be substantiated through relevant references and examples of the student’s works produced through the course of the studio unit.