We need to work along agreed rules: 
punctuality in sessions & submissions
participation in reviews & discussions
accommodation of challenging perspectives and divergent methods 
honesty in endeavor & communication

While all of us are expected to put in hard work to realize the objectives of this ambitious studio unit, it is advised that we neither lose sleep nor work at the 11th hour. It is vital to our efforts as a community that we value our individuality, express our views generously but not unnecessarily and check on our peers if they are doing okay.

It matters little to another’s learning if one were to be insincere in acknowledging references or participation in delegated tasks. However, an institutional framework requires formal assessment which is dependent on comparative evaluation of students’ works against set parameters. Dishonesty from any student destabilizes the playing field for all participants. To keep assessment processes fair to all, academic procedures cannot afford any tolerance for unfair means such as plagiarism, out-sourcing, intentional misrepresentation (group work, blank submissions etc.) and so on. Following a warning on the first instance, any evident repetition of dishonesty will invite disciplinary action.


Besides the processes of organising & articulation spaces and their defining elements, this Studio Unit is also intended & designed for training in keeping time and observing one’s emotional upheavals. It is critical to manage our expectations while involved in creative processes so that we don’t lose sight of the objective of learning in the rush of completing tasks or getting overwhelmed by them. Observing the stimuli, its corresponding impulse within us and our responses is necessary to be in touch with what propels us and that with retards our mindful participation.

Students are discouraged from working late nights & losing sleep and particularly avoid the terror of 11th hour work. Be awake and aware during the scheduled studio hours, work in daylight and stay close to the stipulated input hours for the studio as well as other academic engagements. Pursuing other creative disciplines can benefit your core engagements in surprising and substantial ways. 

A Vibrant Studio

Considering that the term is online it requires particular attention that exchange will be limited to visual, verbal and textual languages. This perhaps amounts to a small minority of our otherwise multi-dimensional & multi-sensorial perception and processing of information/ communication/ environment. Please make appropriate arrangements for your study place, devices and internet bandwidth such that we are communicating on time with our videos, speakers and microphones on (unless otherwise specified) in well lit spaces with least external disturbance from noise or distraction. 

Weekly reviews with peers and tutors are expected to invigorate this online studio. Students will also be grouped in clusters of 3 to5 for discussions to keep the scale of engagements intimate and intense. The online space of conceptboard or any other platform prescribed by CEPT will be kept accessible to all throughout the term instead of only during reviews. Similar to the open tack boards available to us all during normal times, we hope this strategy will help us all in seeking & offering inspiration & feedback throughout the term. In addition, students are welcome to take initiatives to create and sustain a vibrant studio atmosphere particularly needed for online engagements.